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What are Webinars

Webinars are internet classrooms where learners interact directly with the tutor, and other participants, during a specified timeframe – which we used to call a lesson or session. If they are delivered well, they involve learners very actively in the learning process and thus ensure memorable and engaging learning.

Webinars are a great way to cost effectively and efficiently meet the training needs of a geographically dispersed workforce. Designed and delivered well they are a powerful tool to help people develop product and service knowledge and skills, in an engaging and people friendly environment.

Webinar StudioOur Webinar Studio

How we can help you!

We can help you achieve your company’s learning goals in several ways:

  • Design the content of individual or a series of webinars, or provide design support.
  • Provide a studio from which the delivery of webinars can be managed.
  • Provide administrative support to ensure that individuals are aware of the training event and know how to access sessions.
  • Provide technical support to ensure that sessions run smoothly.
  • Provide personnel to deliver sessions, or support in-house trainers as they deliver their first webinars.