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What is Trainer Performance (TPE)?

TPE is all about helping organisations achieve consistently high levels of trainer performance. Specifically TPE is:

  • A systematic and proven system of using direct observation of trainer delivery to help ‘good and better’ trainers consistently deliver learning that exceeds customer expectations.
  • A rigorous methodology which helps organisations to better evaluate external / freelance trainers.

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  • The process tells you what Kirkpatrick style evaluations do not. Such as how to:
  • fine tune a trainer’s delivery to deliver even greater value for learners / customers
  • further improve learning resource development to enhance the quality of the learning experience
  • further refine course design to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • TPE helps to ensure better targeted and cost effective trainer CPD.
  • The process also provides a much more robust evaluation of freelance trainer performance, with particular emphasis on how they could deliver even more effectively.
Why a qualification?

TPE is offered as a non accredited training course, and as a qualification course. We do this for two reasons.

  • It demonstrates that we deliver to a nationally accredited standard.
  • Course participants have accredited evidence of their capability.

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