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The E-Learning Modules

We have developed a range of Teaching, Training CPD ELearning modules. These have been designed:

    • • to help teaching and training staff:
    • with limited teaching / training experience develop essential skills
  • with experience identify ways in which they can further develop existing skills
  • • as developmental resources for use by advanced practitioners and others who provide support, including post observation support, to teaching and training staff.
The video below provides a summary of the content of each of the modules.


The CPD Modules are very interactive and full of practical ideas to help staff deliver even more effective sessions.

There is very little focus on theory because these are not meant as a teacher training course. The Modules are easy to access because contents speaks to people in a straight forward way, progression is in manageable steps and staff can learn as and when it suits them. Being e-learning modules staff can study at a pace that suits them.

Each module has an assessment attached to it so that learners can check how well they are learning.

This video gives you an insight into the modules and what they contain.
You can download a simple summary of the modules by clicking on the download icon.

What Modules are Currently Available?

The modules currently available (please click the relevant module to find out more):


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Learning Outcomes Module Module IconLearning Outcomes Module

Classroom Management Module Icon

Classroom Management

Initial Diagnostics – Assessmentg Module IconInitial Diagnostics – Assessment

Effective Assessment Module IconEffective Assessment

Embedding English Module IconEmbedding English

Outstanding Teaching IconOutstanding Teaching

Target Setting Module IconTarget Setting

Session Planning Module IconSession Planning

Stretch & Challenge Module Icon

Stretch & Challenge

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Learners Needing Support Module IconLearners Needing Support

Creative Teaching Methods 1 & 2 Module IconCreative Teaching Methods 1 & 2

Maths IconEmbedding Maths “NEW”

Coming Soon

We currently have several modules in development and will soon be available to purchase.

Effective use of ICT to enhance learning.Effective use of ICT to enhance learning

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Teaching & Learning Modules

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