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Developing and assessing learner understanding of Equality and Diversity issues through real life situations.

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We have developed two Equality and Diversity products to support your work building and developing learner understanding of a wide range of Equality and Diversity issues. The products are sets of Equality and Diversity Scenarios and Activity Topics (series 1 and 2). They are:

  • easy to read, realistic situations that young people and vulnerable adults might encounter
  • Very focused so learners get to the nub of the issues quickly.

They will:

  • help consolidate and extend the work you have done introducing learners to Equality and Diversity
  • Identify how well learners understand the many different types of issues that are collectively regarded as Equality and Diversity issues.

Equality and Diversity Series 1 & 2 both have 2 components:

  • Learner workbooks (1 for each Series) which contain the scenarios and topic activities and linked questions. Learner’s answers to the questions will demonstrate their understanding of the issues raised, and how they relate to them.
  • Tutor handbooks (1 for each Series) which contain the answers to the questions posed in the workbooks. They also contain further discussion points and questions to be used to extend the learners’ understanding of the issues in the scenario


Please click on the images below to see a very brief summary of each scenario.