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Things we do:
  • Provide e-learning modules to help improve teacher and trainer performance.
  • Help organisations to develop e-learning materials to address staff development and induction needs.
  • Help organisations improve teacher and trainer performance through performance observation.
  • Deliver face to face and Webinar training to enhance teacher and trainer performance.
  • Help organisations improve their Learning Delivery Quality Improvement system.
  • Bespoke learning solutions.
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Teacher and Trainer Performance E-learning Modules

We offer a wide range e-learning modules from Session Planning to Creative Teaching and Training. They are designed to help individuals further improve specific aspects of their teaching or training practice. Each module is highly interactive and designed to be absorbed in bite sized chunks. Each module has an assessment so that learning can be measured. This approach enables learning any time anywhere.

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Teaching and learning units

Staff Development through E-learning

We work with organisations to help them deliver essential training in a more flexible and effective way through e-learning. We aim to deliver learning that it is highly engaging, memorable and consistently of a high standard.

We also work with training professionals to help them transform existing face to face training sessions and materials in to highly engaging learning courses and resources.

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Teacher and Trainer Performance Observation

It is important to know how effective teachers and trainers are. Happy sheets only deliver a very partial picture of how well a teacher or trainer facilitates learning. Having a well developed performance observation process can do a great deal to enhance delivery quality. Like many tools however Observation is only as good as the people that do it. We have developed a qualification to help ensure observers are appropriately skilled to do the job.

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Observation Modules

Face to Face & Webinar Training to Enhance Performance

We specialise in developing and delivering workshops and webinars that are designed to improve the skills of people working in learning, training and development. We believe that learning is only effective if people are actively involved in learning. Learning sessions are therefore designed so that all participants are actively involved in learning activities at very regular intervals. All learning sessions also include assessment activities. These help participants clearly understand how well they are achieving their learning goals.

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Face to Face training and webinars

Learning Delivery Quality Improvement

We work on a consultancy basis with organisations to help them identify processes such as learner recruitment, Quality Auditing, or staff performance management, and help develop solutions.

We have worked successfully with a very wide and substantial number of organisations. A glance at our client list will validate this claim.

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Bespoke Solutions

We can offer single delivery mode, and blended delivery mode learning programmes. Blended can include self paced e-learning, webinar sessions and face to face training sessions. Our aim is to achieve your organisation’s skills and knowledge improvement goals using the most effective and cost effective methods. We offer practical and effective solutions to organisation skills and knowledge improvement challenges. Our extensive experience, and contact network, means that we have a huge reservoir of ideas to draw on to help deliver individual solutions to individuals challenges.

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