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Self Assessment Report Writing Webinar Series


This series of 3 two hour webinars is designed to help staff produce a well written Self Assessment Report (SAR) that reflects the requirements of the Ofsted 2019 Education Inspection Framework (EIF). Given that the organisation’s SAR is used by Ofsted as one element of its provider risk assessment, this is clearly an important process. Having a SAR which clearly communicates how well the organisation is performing is therefore something managers have to ensure happens.

Course Learning Outcomes

On completion of the three webinars participants should be able to describe and clearly explain:

  • The key components of a high quality SAR.
  • What constitutes an effective SAR judgement.
  • The judgements that need to be made.
  • Different SAR production methods.
  • How a SAR can be structured.
  • What an effective QIP looks like.
  • What constitutes essential SAR content and evidence.
  • SAR validation and grading.
  • Contributions from subcontractors.
  • The purpose of a QIP.
  • The outcomes approach to QIP development.

Dates: July 21st, 28th & 29th – all sessions will be 9.30 to 11.30.

Cost £150 for the whole webinar series.

For more information about the content of the workshop email sean@comprehend.org.uk or call 01924 276862.

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