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Observation of Teaching, Training & Learning Qualification

People Projects UK Ltd now offers the only recognised Observation of Teaching, Training and Learning (OTL) Qualification, achieved through ‘blended learning’ in the UK. This is a rigorous level 4 qualification backed by a government licensed awarding body..

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OTL Qualification Image

Teacher and Trainer Performance E-learning Modules

We offer a wide range e-learning modules from Session Planning to Creative Teaching and Training. They are designed to help individuals further improve specific aspects of their teaching or training practice. Each module is highly interactive and designed to be absorbed in bite sized chunks. Each module has an assessment so that learning can be measured. This approach enables learning any time anywhere.

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Teaching and learning units

Aide Memoir Tool

This tool is designed to help observers by providing them with rapid access to teaching and learning session observation criteria, during observations.

The tool has been designed to operate on Apple Ipads, but as a Interactive pdf file it should also operate on any device that allows the operation of this type of file.

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Aide Memoir

online staff induction

Bespoke Online Staff Inductions

The main advantages of Online staff induction compared with
traditional methods are:

  • Consistency of message delivery and quality.
  • Inductions are not people dependant and can happen any time anywhere so that they
    happen as and when required, and not when other staff or managers are available.
  • They are (if built in a modular manner) easy to adapt and upgrade with no material
    print costs.
  • By using assessment tasks it is possible to measure how well people have understood
  • Because with this approach staff do not have to have everything thrust upon them in
    one go, content can be experienced over a period of time and progress easily
  • The tracking systems and assessments can be used if the worst happens, to clearly
    demonstrate that the company has fully met its duty of care obligations – important in
    an increasingly litigatious society.
  • The multimedia facilities that modern computers have, can be used to ensure that
    people have a really engaging and memorable audio visual experience.

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