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Effective Assessment Module

This module will help learners improve their understanding of what is meant by the term 'assessment', the different types of assessment, the activities assessment involves and whether the learner needs to extend the range of assessment methods they use.

Learners will also explore what an assessment strategy is and looks like, how the detail of a strategy can be developed, and how we go about choosing and amending an assessment strategy.

Following this learners will investigate what formative assessment is and the role of questioning to check and enable learning. In this context both Bloom's and Dalton's taxonomies will be considered. Within the module a wide range of assessment techniques learners to enable and check learning will be identified.
The features of both poorly designed and well-designed assessments, including what effective summative assessment design and implementation looks like will be evaluated.
The module will also look at Internal Verifier tasks and the creation and use of assessment evidence portfolios, paper-based and e-portfolios. The final topic will be what needs to be considered in the selection and and implementation of commercial e-portfolios.


Price: £400.00

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