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Observation of Teaching & Training Feedback Management Course

This e-learning delivered course has been designed for individuals who do or will, undertake formal observations of colleagues delivering teaching or training sessions. The course will significantly enhance your confidence and skills in the management of post observation feedback. The focus is on ‘how to’ not on learning theories about doing post observation feedback. Course participants are not expected to have an understanding of the skills and knowledge specific to the post observation feedback processes. This is what the course will teach. Participants are expected to have a good understanding of teaching and learning skills, and how learning takes place. They are also required to have a good standard of spoken English. Participants who already have observation experience will still benefit from completion of this course because it will further develop their feedback management skills.

The course has been designed by people who have been delivering observation training for over 10 years, and who remain observation practitioners. The principles and practice taught have been implemented in a wide range of organisations. When these organisations have been inspected, observation practice has been judged to be good or better.


Duration will depend on the time individuals want to devote to the modules. The course is delivered using a continuous delivery model. This means participants start once they are registered (see below), and finish when they have met all the course requirements. They must however complete the course within a 12 month period.


Price: £250.00

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