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OTL - Organisational Licence

This is a comprehensive (11 module) e-learning training programme designed to help individuals acquire the skills necessary to undertake most aspects of a graded teaching / training observation.

Access to the Observation course is on a licensed access basis. A corporate license provides 12 months access to all eleven modules for all teaching / training staff you directly employ (not sub-contractor staff) . If you require other arrangements please contact us for a bespoke quotation. It will help aspiring observers develop their skills, and experienced observers review their practice or remind themselves of essentials skills, if they have had a break from observation. To get an understanding of the delivery style click on Demo Module. This is a full Chapter from one of the Modules. It illustrates how users are constantly engaged, and not just required to sit passively reading.
For further information click or the Demo here.


Price: £1,500.00

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