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Safeguarding Series 2

Content Summary Safeguarding Series 2

Scenario 1

A woman we shall call Faye aged 21, suffered burns to her face and chest, lost her hair and eyelashes, and needed skin grafts after an acid attack. Learners are expected to identify types of violence against women and girls, and what to do if they become aware of such violence

Scenario 2

The scenario is a summary of a conversation between two young apprentices, Jacob and Matty. Learners are expected to identify this is about involvement in gangs and gang violence, other illegal activities and the dangers of becoming involved with gangs.

Scenario 3

Ibrahim is a young Asian footballer who has had a very successful season and is looking forward to the summer tour in Spain. Learners are expected to identify this is a case of forced marriage.

Scenario 4

Ruth is Jewish and attends synagogue regularly. Farzad is a very committed Christian who believes the Bible is factually correct e.g. the world was actually created in seven days. Learners are expected to identify this is about faith abuse.

Scenario 5

Heather was doing really well at work and expected to get a promotion in the very near future. Learners are expected to identify this is a situation where someone is being drawn into drug misuse, and the related dangers.

Scenario 6

Laura, a secondary school counsellor, called a helpline because she was concerned that one of her 12-year-old school pupils, Alyssa, was engaging in sex for money Learners are expected to identify several issues concerned with child sexual exploitation.


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