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Equality & Diversity Series 2

Content Summary Equality & Diversity Series 2

Scenario 1

Aisha is a British Muslim of Pakistani heritage. She was employed in a factory producing greetings cards for 3 years in the same job. A new dress code creates problems.

Scenario 2
Henry is a 62-year-old factory worker and has developed arthritis from repetitive work in a factory. His medical problems affect him in a redundancy situation.

Scenario 3
James is a heterosexual man who is HIV positive. He told his employer when he joined the company of his HIV-positive status, but did not want his colleagues to know. The information does not remain confidential however.

Scenario 4
After Breakfast. In this scenario the extent to which the reader has gender specific ideas about work roles is challenged.

Scenario 5
Mary has been employed as a PA for four years. On becoming pregnant she advised her manager of her status. Things did not quite go to plan after that.

Scenario 6
And He Is Black? In this scenario a person’s colour is the basis for decisions being made based on stereotypical ideas about young black men.

Scenario 7
Faisal announced to his colleagues at work that he will be sure that getting married, and that they would all be invited to the wedding. Unfortunately who he was marrying was not deemed appropriate by his manager.

Equality Activity Topic
Learners are asked to read an extract from the Equality Act 2010. The extract contains several significant errors which the learners are expected to find.


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