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British Values Series 1

Content Summary British Values Series 1

Scenario 1

Believing or not believing who cares?
This looks at the right to have religious faith and the importance of that right being respected. It also looks at tolerance or the lack of it. This is explored through a situation in a learning context.

Scenario 2
What I need is always more important than everybody else.
This scenario explores ‘respect’. The scenario uses two different situations and asks the learner to identify how they connect to the idea of respect.

Scenario 3
Voting & Stuff
This scenario uses a situation in a learning environment where learners ar arguing about voting as a way of exploring democracy in action.

Scenario 4
Violence is never okay
This scenario uses a situation where an apprentice has been attacked and other apprentices want to ‘get’ the people responsible. This scenario explores the idea of the rule of law and the dangers of being a vigilante.

Scenario 5
We Do Not Live in a Totalitarian State.
This scenario explores Individual Liberty by looking at the rights people have and contrasting this with how these rights do not exist in other countries. This includes the right to criticise those in authority.

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