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OTL Open Course

Course Dates by Arrangement
Delivered via Virtual Classroom Learning Sessions

This method of achieving the qualification involves participating in 12 two hour virtual classroom learning sessions. There sessions progressively cover the content of the qualification’s 11 modules. Learning is very interactive and participants are expected to complete a range of tasks during sessions. Participants will also have to complete 11 timed on-line assessments at specific points during the course. Courses arranged to suit organisation needs.

NOTE: We will also give access to all 11 elearning modules to all learners for 12 months for reference purposes.

When course participants have completed all the Virtual Classroom sessions, they will then have to complete Final Assessments 1 and 2, and then produce a Witness Statement. See the Course Information icon for more details.


There are two fees payable.

  • 1. The tuition fee for the course is £825.00. The fee must be paid in advance of starting the course.
  • 2. Qualification Certification fee £40.00 +VAT charged by the awarding organisation.
If participants are referred for a Final Assessment (not Module Assessments) they will be required to pay a re-assessment fee of £37 per assessment.
Mike Newbolt

TQ Training

“Absolutely. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone doing OTL’s regardless of their experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It was both challenging and stretching. Before the start of the course I considered myself to be a good observer, but from doing the course I have identified several actions and behaviours that I need to change to ensure observers benefit from the experience.”

(see the Course Information document for terms and conditions).

Clive Cheetham

League Football Education

“I really enjoyed the course and I was surprised at how the sessionsflew by!
The depth of subject content, varied activities, lots of exercises and the many interesting discussion points meant there was never a dull moment!

As a reasonably experienced observer having previously attended several 1-day observation courses, I can say how beneficial it felt to much time on this sensitive and complex area of work.

Sean is extremely experienced and knowledgeable on this subject, and I now feel I have a better grasp of what to look for, how to identify good and better learning, how to improve the quality of my performance notes and judgement statements, and the techniques to improve my feedback skills.

I would definitely recommend this course to experienced staff who want an in-depth refresher and new staff who want to develop a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to observe effectively and with credibility.”

Jude Speed

BL Hairdressing

“I thoroughly enjoyed the week and have gained so much from it, everyone was really friendly and ensured that it was inclusive to everyone. I was totally engaged for all the sessions, which was due to the content, delivery and pace of each day.”

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