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Managing Observation Feedback Sessions Effectively

Date and Times: 17th September 2020  2.00pm to 4.00pm

What the Webinar will cover: The session is designed to help experienced observers refresh their understanding of feedback management skills and introduce novice observers to these skills.

Session Topics: By end of the session participants should be able to describe and explain the:

  • purpose of post observation feedback

  • difference between traditional feedback and feedback dialogues

  • importance of, and how to ensure feedback dialogues are constructive

  • how much evidence is required to meet Sufficiency requirements

  • characteristics of a well managed feedback dialogue

  • reasons for and against immediate and deferred feedback dialogues

  • things that have to be considered when planning a feedback dialogue.

Webinar Delivery: The session is delivered in a highly interactive manner with lots of real learning activities. There will be lots of opportunities to interact with the trainer and ask questions. Questions about observation that you need answering.

Endorsement: “Sean is a highly skilled webinar trainer with considerable experience in observation training.” Fiona Manning (Develop EBP)

Cost: £40

Contact – click here to register for the session sean@comprehend.org.uk

Managing Observation Feedback